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Auction Action. July 8, 2016 23:53

This week I'm popping a few paintings up for auction! The first one up is "Fragile Beauty". This is one of my favourites.


The auction starts at $1 so everyone is in with a chance to bid. You can go to the auction HERE.

I'm currently working on a painting that was initially going to be a "sugar skull" style girl on a lime green background. Once I started painting her though, I stood back and all I could see was the artist Wyanne - which is rather bizarre actually because I haven't watched her videos or read her blog in quite a while. She's great though - very inspirational! So now I can't shake that out of my head, and I've decided to make it a portrait of her. Hopefully when it's finished it will be good enough to gift to her!

In between some of the bigger paintings I'm working on, I've been having fun painting some little ACEOs (collectable art trading cards). Tonight I popped this one up on eBay starting at $1 (with free postage within Australia). It's called "Sparkle Seahorse" and it's actually quite sparkly! The photo doesn't really do it justice.

"Sparkle Seahorse ACEO" by Jaz Higgins
"Sparkle Seahorse"

"Sparkle Seahorse ACEO" by Jaz Higgins

"Sparkle Seahorse ACEO" by Jaz Higgins
Back view

It's school holidays and we currently have one of my little cousins staying with us also, so much of the day is playing, setting up activities and making/cleaning up food and throwing in some painting where I can. I wouldn't have it any other way though. Next week is back-to-school and it will be eerily quiet!


Planning for July? June 23, 2016 13:23

This month I've been busy working on four big commissioned paintings, plus the newest "Lover's Eye II" and "Frida and the Dragonfruit". So needless to say, there's been a lot of paint splashing around the studio.


Somehow I also managed to pick up a head cold, so I've been trying to rest when I can, but thankfully I have had help from my family to juggle work and the kids while not feeling 100%. As a "work at home" mum and full-time artist I am so grateful for the support from my family, friends and customers. I can't say thank you enough.

I've listed a couple of available original paintings below that I've added this month, including the new "Frida and the Dragonfruit", inspired by the beautiful Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo.

"Lover's Eye II"
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"Frida and the Pomegranate"
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"Frida and the Dragonfruit"
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Yesterday was the Winter Solstice here in Australia, and I'm now planning out July with my new colouring in calendar. To grab yours - sign up here:

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That's all from me for now, I will share some new paintings with you soon! Have fun colouring and planning!


Wednesday Catch Up May 25, 2016 13:41

I woke up this morning to see bidding has begun on my "Alice and Absolem (the Caterpillar)" original painting! I popped it up for auction yesterday starting at just $1, so that hopefully everyone has a chance to bid. 

 I've been busy working on commissioned paintings this month, but I did get the chance to do a little eye study the other day - it's only 4" x 4" - and would look interesting on a bookshelf or among a bunch of other art work. I've popped it up in my shop HERE. {UPDATE - It's SOLD already!}

"Lover's Eye I" Original Painting
"Lover's Eye I" Original Painting

I really enjoyed working on such a small scale, and looking at the details in the eye. I think I might make a little series of these paintings, so having the first one may be a real collector's item someday!
I've just sent out my "June" colouring in calendar to my mailing list - so if you're not already on it, jump on here:

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"Fragile Beauty" and "Mermaid at Dusk" March 16, 2016 18:02

I've been trying to make some room in this little art studio of mine, so I'm putting some original paintings up for auction starting at just $1!

"Fragile Beauty" is one of my favourites I've painted so far this year. I was tempted to keep her actually. The colours and tone suit my house and I just love the cute innocent expression on her face. Bidding has already begun so I guess I'll be kissing her goodbye sometime soon.

"Fragile Beauty" original painting

The other is "Mermaid at Dusk" - a painting in some of my favourite pinks, mauves and purples with tons of little details including a seahorse, a jellyfish, skellyfish, and a treasure chest.

"Ice Cream Fantasy" Original Painting by Jaz  Higgins
"Mermaid at Dusk"
Both are starting at just $1! A great chance to add some original art work to your collection. I hope they will make a great investment to my collectors some day!